10 Amazing / Strangest Drones!

10 Amazing / Strangest Drones!

10 Amazing / Strangest Drones!
10 Strangest Drones Which Actually Exist!
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Drobotron is large flying billboard shaped drone from a company named Droboton LLC, from Florida. This drone can be used for digital advertisment on skies for businesses, weddings, concerts, trade shows, music videos, theme parks, sporting events and so on. Using state of the art technology, now promotions can be made like never before on skies in the form of graphics, logos, videos and text.

Voliro is one of the most powerful and smartest drone available in the market today. Voliro was Ddveloped by a group of 11 students at Zurich University, Switzerland within a period of 9 months. It has the unique ability to fly and move in any direction and can rotate vertically and upside down as well.

SpiderMav is a drone that comes from the labratory of London’s aerial robotics. Inspired from nature, with the perching technique similar to a spider it can stick to walls, ceilings and corridors while being stable in mid air. SpiderMav has a polystyrene thead which works as a web for the drone and it can shoot to perch around objects.

Plimp Airship
This drone is From the company Egan Airships, comes this mixture of aircraft and blimp based drone that is probably one of the largest drones in the market. It weighs around 25kgs, is 8.5 meters long and works on lithium ion batteries.

Airspace LV
The Airspace-LV-Drone-hunting-drone is specfically designed to hunt down the unwanted and tresspassing drones which are roaming around unauthorized areas. It is designed by a California based company called Airspace Systems.

Aura is a drone based on gesture biotics in a glove controller allowing the drone to be controlled with hand gestures. The drone is made by Loco-Robo-Innovations, a Pennsylvania based company. The Aura drone can be used for recreational purposes as well, as a toy to perform different stunts using your hand gestures, it allows intuitive control simply through movement of hands with the glove.

Coverticopter is a helicopter and aircraft mixed shaped drone developed by a California based company, VTOL Aerospace. It is 8 feet long, has a wing span size extendable up to 12.1 metres, has a massive 20amp battery which allows almost 1.5 hours of hovering and flight time.

Eagleray XAV
Eagleray XAV is developed by researchers from North Carolina State University and Teledyne scientific. The drone is 59 inches long and weights around 12.6 pounds. It has a unique ability to travel in air, on the surface of the water and underwater as well.

Ionic MIT Plane
As the name suggests, the drone is developed by engineers of MIT Univerisity. It is a light weight drone that has no batteries, no moving parts and is fuelled by ionic wind only.

Robofly is the world’s first insect shaped drone developed by engineers at University of Washington. This drone has converted the science fiction for insect shaped drones into reality.

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