Augmented Reality in Manufacturing – Webinar

Augmented Reality in Manufacturing – Webinar

Most manufacturing research and development focuses on the removal or reduction of humans from mission critical processes. Robots are in use wherever possible. For many products, however, robots are not cost effective, and in some robotically-enhanced operations, there remain phases of manufacturing that benefit from the attention and decision making skills of people.

Where people are involved in complex processes involving physical objects and digital information, Augmented Reality (AR) is useful to synchronize real time data with the user’s focus of attention. Technical documentation provided with AR is more easily consulted in context than the same information on a separate screen.

In this IEEE Webinar we will examine the processes that are receiving attention for possible AR-assisted workflows and the technologies that can deliver the best experience for the user. We will present some of the results of preliminary studies into AR-assisted manufacturing and offer insights into where the technology and practices are heading. Manufacturing system engineers and business line managers will be able to apply what they learn in this Webinar to their own processes and address challenges they face when bringing together technical information and physical world tools and products. We will discuss:

• What processes are considered the most suitable for AR-assisted systems?

• What metrics are being used to evaluate the impact of AR on the shop floor?

• How is AR introduced into manufacturing pilot projects?

• What are obstacles to introducing AR in manufacturing?

• When will AR technology be sufficiently robust for production

Guest Speaker: Christine Perey | PEREY Research & Consulting

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