Bus tracking and transportation safety using internet of things

Bus tracking and transportation safety using internet of things

In India, there is a need for proper bus transport system. With increase in the population it has led to uncertain crowding at public bus stops. People wait for long hours and suddenly gather near stops whenever they see any bus coming by, even though it is not their destinations bus. This leads to unnecessary crowding which be solved by the use of this smart design of IOT based bus transport system.

Here in our project, we aim to reduce the crowd at public places and where in people will come to know about the upcoming buses which have left the previous stop and are heading to the next stop soon. So by applying this approach a person need not to gather to see which bus is coming their way. He may sit and relax until his bus arrives from the previous stop. By using this designed system we can come to know about all the buses that are heading towards the bus stop, their destination. By using IOT a person at remote place i.e. away from stop or anywhere at home or workplace can know the information about the bus, from which stop, at what time, within how much time the bus will reach destination and much more information about it through the internet. The user will need to just open his web browser, enter the IP address. And then the whole information related to the bus can be accessed by him.

In India, until now we do not have such a smart city bus transport system where in the real time of the bus reaching the destination is known. Further implementations can be made in this project like we can also display the no. of vacant seats in the bus, so if there is a limited seated bus, people in the queue will get the place and the remaining will have to wait for the next bus to come. This will lead to a safe and comfortable journey indeed reduce the crowding.

Also we can have CCTV cameras in each and every bus, so that the actual footage of the bus can be seen in case of lost buses or hijack. This can only be possible because of use of IOT, where all the data is stored on a cloud server and the user may access it, whenever he wants it.

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